5) Bad Guy

What do you think is a narcissist’s greatest displeasure?

Well the answer's simple: it's having to share the spotlight.

Tamara’s life was almost perfect. She had a father who absolutely adored her. She was extremely beautiful, she had more money than anyone could ever fathom, she ruled her high school and absolutely everyone she knew was afraid of her. What more could she have possibly asked for?

But her life was not perfect.

If she had one wish, just one, then she’d have wished that she was an only child. You see, having a sibling is no hustle but if the sibling is younger than you then life isn’t so amazing.

Victoria was everything Tamara was not; she was nice and caring and considerate. As a result, everybody in their lives adored her….. I mean, what’s not to love about a sixteen year old girl who treats you like royalty?

But not Tamara. Tamara hated her sister with every fiber in her being. Not because everyone adored her, she could have cared less about that; to her, people’s love and adoration was not only a burden but as fickle as a candle light in the park; one look at your true self and it faded away faster than you could blink.

Tamara hated her sister because she saw her for what she truly was, a pretender. Deep down, under all that false kindness was a manipulative little girl who was used to getting what she wanted by blinking some kind of way and Tamara hated that. She did not like honesty, she believed that everyone had to try their very best to fit in but as much as she didn’t like it, she respected it. Someone who was willing to be themselves despite everything was an anomaly that she absolutely adored. That was one of the main reasons why she liked Alex; his father was a butcher and he didn’t bother hiding it; even in a school full of kids who’d one day end up controlling the world’s economy.

But their relationship hadn’t lasted as long as Tamara would have liked. It ended the minute Alex saw her true self. Everyone knew that Tamara was a monster but what they didn’t know was how much of monster she actually was and a particular incident had Alex’s eyes wide open.

After the girls’ mother died, their father had vowed to prepare them for his inevitable death. He began by giving them each, an equal share of the company’s shares and with that, they were allowed to sit in in board meetings. He also wanted to prepare Tamara to take over the company once he was gone. She was the eldest and the obvious choice for CEO. She had the heart and the personality for it so every time he went for a conference or a meeting abroad, he allowed her to head the company just for a short while so that she’d gain some much needed experience.

On the day of the incident, there was a scheduled board meeting and in it, Victoria presented an idea that would have doubled the company’s income. Their father and the board were so impressed that they unanimously decided that she’d be the one to head the company the next time their father went on a trip.

Tamara was not angry, no…… she was livid. Her ‘innocent’ sister was trying to take away what she’d been working on for so long but when asked, she just smiled and uttered a well-rehearsed speech:

“Whatever’s best for the company.”

Resistance would have been fruitless; it would have just angered her father and showed the board just how power hungry she was and she was saving that reveal for when she had some actual power.

Tamara was seated by the pool planning her revenge when he sister came along to taunt.

“You shouldn’t worry so much Tamara,” Victoria said to her vicious sister.

“What do you want?” Tamara asked. She really wasn’t in the mood.

“I just wanted to make sure that there are no hard feelings because of what happened during today’s meeting…” she drawled. Tamara burst into loud boisterous laughter.

Did her sister think her a fool? She knew exactly what she was doing. The taunting was always the best part of a win.

“Hard feelings?” she said and chuckled venomously, “No, Vicky….” Tamara said. She knew just how much her sister hated that nickname. It didn’t provide the regal effect her sister desired to portray.

“I’m not sorry I’m smarter than you Tammy……” she taunted back. Tamara burst into laughter for the second time that night and before Victoria knew it, a wave of cold water hit her back.

Tamara pushed her sister into the pool and held her head down. She wasn’t really going to kill her, she wasn’t stupid, it’s just that, the sound of her sister beating at the water practically begging for her life was a high better than she could have ever imagined. Her high was however interrupted by Alex’s silhouette standing there, watching the whole thing unfold. She let go of her sister and just remained in her crouching position staring at Alex.

He rushed over and pulled Victoria out of the water. After a couple unsuccessful attempts at giving CPR, Victoria finally coughed herself back to life. Alex tried picking her up but she flinched and picked herself up; she narrowed her eyes at her sister not in fear as Alex would have expected but in warning. She then walked away without another word.

Tamara got up and wiped off imaginary dust from her dress and repositioned herself back on the seat just as her sister had found her. She didn’t bother explaining to Alex what he’d just witnessed; no amount of words would have changed the look that he was giving her then: disgust.

She just let his wild imagination take over as she stared at the water. After a moment of hesitation, he walked away. Then was when Tamara knew that their relationship would never be the same. They’d reached their expiration date.

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